BREAST ACADEMY WARRANTY terms & conditions

Complications after straightforward breast augmentation surgery are uncommon but do occur. They occur through no fault of the surgeon or the patient. They result from the occasionally unpredictable interaction between human tissue and an implant that is part of the normal healing process around an implant. Although this interaction is much more predictable with latest generation breast implants, occasionally problems can occur and corrective surgery is sometimes needed. Understandably the patient and surgeon are then in a position where costs need to be covered for corrective surgery but neither is directly responsible. The warranty is designed to provide clarity and peace of mind to both parties in the unlikely event that such problems arise.

The warranty covers the period where most of these problems arise and all fees for corrective surgery are waived. The warranty covers the cost of anaesthesia fees, hospital fees and surgeon fees and excludes all other costs.

Please note: Post-operative appointments are very important to attend; even if a patient is happy with the results. For the warranty to remain valid, patients are required to attend all Breast Academy post-op appointments. These include the 5-day, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month appointments. If a patient resides more than

2 hours drive from the Breast Academy clinic they must have an over the phone consultation with the Nurse and also provide progress photographs.

Warranty Inclusions:

  • Bleeding

  • Infection

  • Seroma – fluid around an implant

  • Implant leakage or rupture

  • Implant malposition

  • Capsular contracture

  • Rupture

Warranty Exclusions:

  1. Implant size change – every effort is made to help the patient select the appropriate implant. But ultimately the patient must assume responsibility for this decision. Although every attempt will be made to make both breasts the same following surgery, the appearance of the breasts may not be identical in size, shape or appearance. This is because pre-operatively no two breasts are identical and breast implants never change this fact.

  2. Wrinkles or ripples – breast implants may wrinkle, and the wrinkles can be palpable or even visible in cases where there is a limited amount of breast tissue to cover the implant. The chance of implant palpability increases with weight loss and also increases with larger implant sizes.

  3. Disregard for Post-Operative care instructions – patients must make every effort to abide by Breast Academy post-op instructions. Blatant disregard of advice provided, resulting in patient presenting issues directly related to disregard of proper care, may result in warranty being void at the discretion of Breast Academy.

The fees the patient is responsible for include:
Travel, accommodation and any associated personal costs.

The optional warranty is a one off payment paid to the Breast Academy before the operation. Please enquire to the clinic for further information.