Welcome to Breast Academy

Hi!  Welcome to the Breast Academy.  If you are visiting our website you have probably started thinking about having a breast augmentation or maybe just interested in gathering some more information as a future prospect.

A little about us, Breast Academy commenced in 2014 and our clinic and theatre is located in the Pacific Private Day Hospital in Southport, on the gorgeous Gold Coast.  Pacific Private Day Hospital is a fully accredited hospital and Breast Academy only uses anaesthetists who are fully qualified FANZCA specialists using only general anaesthetic, and fully qualified plastic surgeons (we do not have ‘cosmetic surgeons’ in our clinic).

Our two Directors and senior surgeons are Dr Luke Stradwick and Dr Craig Layt.  Under the mentorship of our Directors, we have two to three plastic surgeons at any time who consult and operate on our patients.  It is important to note, it is only our plastic surgeons who operate on our patients, not the senior surgeons.  

Our plastic surgeons are with Breast Academy anywhere from six months to two years.  So far, we have had surgeons from the United States, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Brazil and of course Australia.

At Breast Academy we only offer straight forward breast augmentations - no lifts, reductions or further complex surgeries are done here.  Therefore, we have a screening process for our patients prior to booking any in person consultation with the surgeons to ensure suitability for a standard breast augmentation.  Firstly, we have our patients send in a few photographs at different angles which are then sent to our senior surgeons for a surgical recommendation.  If suitable based on the free initial recommendation, we then book the in-person consultation with our plastic surgeons to speak further with the patient about expectations and projected results.  This is where we do our 3D Vectra imaging which provides an indicative image of potential results using different sized and shaped implants.

Once our patients have undergone surgery, we schedule post op appointments at 3, 6, 9 and 12 month marks. For our patients who are not local and cant make it into our clinic, we ask they send us progress photos for the surgeons to view and confirm that healing and settling is progressing well.

We share our Breast Academy babe results on our Instagram page. Feel free to scroll through our amazing achievements!